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Therefore even in off-season tourist activity on the island does not stop, than with pleasure fans of lonely rest, organizers of various conferences and simply admirers of the magnificent nature of the Mediterranean use.

Limassol, second-large, to population and industrial potential the city on the island. Geographically modern city was located on the southern coast of Cyprus at Akrotiri's gulf between ruins of two ancient city-states – Kurium and Amatus which ruins involve scientists and tourists.

As you were already convinced, Cyprus is paradise for the tourist. Silent small streets, a charm and beauty of the island bewitch the tourist. On the island romanticism reigns, traces of history of the ancient states can be found everywhere where you went. And all this gets on with modern hotels and hotels. The landscape of the island will not be touched time – colourful small villages, priceless cultural heritage, the modern cities and a large number of modern hotels.

Now city quarters represent characteristic and for other Cyprian cities mix old built, last century of houses with modern structures. Modernist silhouettes of the large hotels built at the coast are especially distinguished from them. There are in shape of Pathos also unique lines. First of all this exclusive even for Cyprus abundance of the historical monuments located in the city. It both the tombs of the Cyprian kings in Ktim which are cut down in a soft stone of low hills, and majestic ruins of the Roman country house around the lower Pathos with a magnificent mosaic, and built by order of Turkish the ataman - pashas a cubosimilar citadel in paphian port.

Nicosia is located in the center of the island in Mesaoriya's valley between two ridges, to the North – Pentadaktilos, to the West – Troodos, at the height about 170 m above sea level. Thanks to it a summer heat in the city not so an iznuryayushcha, as in resort towns. It is the large city, only in Cyprus which does not have an outlet to the sea. The modern high-speed route connects Nicosia to other cities of the island.

It is supposed that these works of a as masters from Alexandria: they made sketches and made thousands of tiny stones of different flowers, and then brought them by sea in Pathos and on a place in the pictures striking with the grace.

In this city there is one of the international airports. Therefore, arriving to Cyprus, the first that you will see is Larnaca. Among modern constructions you will quite often see also ancient buildings. Where now modern Larnaca Kition – one of the most ancient city-states in Cyprus settled down earlier. Here the outstanding philosopher of antiquity Zenon, the founder of school of stoik was born.