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As for chemistry and petrochemistry, the companies which are not entering a cycle of the tire industry mean here. First of all it is producers of fertilizers ("Acron" moved from the 43rd place on the 41st, "Ammophos" - from the 80th on the 50th, "Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers" - from the 121st on the 99th, "Sylvinite" - from the 95th on the 59th etc.).

And here in the list of the underestimated companies along with odious KamAZ and Angarsk NHK is and unfairly the forgotten quite safe companies. For example, there is a sense to look narrowly at cheap securities of "Severstal", SUAL, etc.

However, strongly you should not grieve for such fluctuation. Against universal (calculated on the basis of data on 500 world's largest companies) differentiation coefficient - 5,2 - the difference between 58 and 60 simply is not felt.