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High reliability of work of technical means, high quality of repair of a rolling stock, its modernization and updating, further development and technical re-equipment of locomotive and carriage depots and plants on repair of a rolling stock and production of spare parts are necessary for timely and qualitative satisfaction of requirements of a national economy and the population in transportations. In system of industrial production of railway transport more than 40 large enterprises specialized on repair of electric locomotives, locomotives, cars, other rolling stock and production of spare parts are. High quality of repair promotes trouble-free operation of the transport conveyor, successful implementation of transportation of goods and passengers, improvement of quality of work of the railroads. In new economic conditions still there is actual a problem of increase of efficiency of production economic activity of the enterprises.

Production workers can be subdivided into the main (occupied with direct production of production) and auxiliary. The salary of the main workers is a part of a factor cost on production and its size is used at the integrated way of determination of product cost.

In the present project it is required to define the main salary of the main workers. And for this purpose it is necessary to distribute their number () under the terms of work and to qualification categories. It is for this purpose expedient to use the following scheme:

One of the main characteristics of economic efficiency of work of the enterprise (its organizational technological level, management efficiency, etc.) is its profitability which is defined by profit percentage to the corresponding expenses.

As the industrial enterprise the plant on capital repairs of construction and road cars which in this or that scale or specialization take place on railway transport (traveling technical repair plants and shops) is taken.