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The HL case 21003-100ASB is a basic detail of the gate. The gate represents the valve with the spindle which is screwed in in a carving motionless running - the nut located in a cover or a ski lift. Application of the carving possessing properties of self-retardation will allow to leave a plate of the valve in any situation with ­ that this situation will remain and will spontaneously not change under the influence of environment pressure.

Base call the surface replacing it set of surfaces, an axis, a point of a detail or assembly unit in relation to which other details of a product are guided go the detail surfaces processed or collected on this operation

The group of design bases is made by the main and bases which account when designing (a choice of forms of surfaces, their relative situation, a prostanovka of the sizes, development of norms of accuracy, etc.) has essential value. The basis defines the provision of the detail or assembly unit in a product, and auxiliary base - the attached detail or assembly unit of rather this detail.

Organizational actions: high-quality and timely briefings on TB, the organization of public inspection of work, strengthening of evident propaganda, posting of posters on TB, creation of a corner of TB, appointment of persons on duty (serially) according to safety measures in each change.

One operation which is carried out a long time without readjustment of the equipment on other operations with special equipment is fixed in a large-lot production behind each workplace.

Being guided by a detail design, material, technical requirements, - the scale of production and tasks, for economy of metal we accept a preparation production method - molding in sandy forms. This method is applied to difficult shaped preparations.

In technological process and the card to adjustment adaptations, the cutting tool and measuring, the protection devices, transport, means and ways providing safe operation have to be, etc. specified.

Surely there has to be a plan of evacuation at the fire, a box with sand, fire stock on boards in the necessary quantity and to be easily available. It is necessary to have an emergency exit on a fire case. Also there has to be a blocking of electric equipment.

it is possible to determine diameter of the cylinder going simplifications of calculation and creation of a stock of effort exclude  efficiency from a formula, but increase the potrebny force seen by calculation on a rod of W by 1,5 times and find diameter of the cylinder of bilateral action from the equation

By results of calculations of corners for the specified dependences build schedules of their change. High quality of a carving on condition of the optimum modes of cutting, geometry of a tap, structure SOZH and a way of fastening of a tap.

Planning and the accounting of power consumption are made balance by method. Power balances of plant are subdivided on a and appointment (planned, otchetna, by types of energy and on objects. Balances are developed on the basis of the relevant standards.

The special equipment widely automates and mechanizes processes, line methods of work. Such organization of work provides high efficiency and rather low product cost.

In a working zone of the room it is necessary for observance of admissible mikrokliamtichesky conditions: in the summer - natural airing, air conditioning; in the winter - thermal air veils and locks in apertures of doors of production rooms. The supply and exhaust ventilation has to be applied to purity of air on a site.

At development and deployment of measures for creation of safe and healthy working conditions it is important to observe sequence and complexity. At first it is necessary to eliminate the factors which are harmfully influencing a human body - noise, an adverse microclimate, impurity of air in production rooms, etc., and then to start aestheticization of the production environment.