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The SECOND CONDITION of existence and objective need of marketing - creation of system of business, especially small and average, the working for the market, After all, according to A., the market is a natural regulator at which people act in the personal and self-interested purposes and by that problems of all and everyone. Proceeding from the personal motives, act on the market circumspectly and prudently, find information available to them on goods and ­ to buy the necessary goods in optimum conditions for them. who could request high price for a product and service of a low, in the conditions of the competition the acceptable ratio, being guided by the main requirement of the modern market: high quality at low price. All this lifts on the new height of a domestic who acts as a in development of market and technologies, in development of production, in creation of new branches of production and a, in mastering as success factors, perspective for society.

- satisfaction of requirements of a with the costs, minimum for society, as specialization on any kind of activity to the businessman the fullest use of resources of an.

Marketing the brings in production and commercial activity new elements in the form of business relationship, possesses language and even a slang. So, during the negotiating, components part of marketing activity, considerable on volumes and expenses, when developing advertizing appeals marketing specialists of the world use the. Audio-and they call all products "a brown ", household appliances - "a white ", all types of oils - "yellow fats", chocolate - "calculating lines", etc.

Interest in this activity amplifies as the increasing number of the organizations in the sphere of business, in the international sphere realize, how exactly marketing promotes their more successful performance in the market.

Marketing a human activity, directed on satisfaction of needs and requirements by means of an exchange. The basic concepts of the sphere of marketing is the following: needs, requirements, inquiries, goods, exchange, transaction and market.

Formation of the market of the consumer, layer of large, average and small predyoprinimateley-owners, a and introduction of production and market technologies - here conditions, will make marketing objective need of conducting proizvodstyovenno-commercial activity both at the level of the enterprise, and at the level of regions, internal and external.