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To receive idea of the general variability of the client remains, we will calculate an indicator of the general variability (GV). It represents the relation of a mean square deviation of the sum of the remains on all accounts to average value of this sum for the period.

This section of work of the financial manager is consolidated to calculation of possible sources and outflow of money. The same scheme, as in the analysis of cash flow is used, only for simplicity some indicators can be aggregated.

Komponenty a financial state the movement of working capital or the current assets of the enterprise is important. All process of the address of the capital as if begins with a turn of mobile assets, the vsyatsepochka of economic activity of the enterprise is set in motion. Therefore to factors of acceleration of current assets, to synchronization of the movement of working capital with profit and money it is necessary to pay an attention maximum.

From a position of the theory of investment money represents one of special cases of investment into inventory items. Therefore the general requirements are applicable to them. First, the basic stock of money is necessary for performance of the current calculations. Secondly. a certain money is necessary for a covering of contingencies. Thirdly, it is expedient to have a certain size of free money for ensuring the possible or predicted activity expansion.

Dynamics of the remains on client accounts should be analyzed separately on the largest and separately on other clients. To define, whether changes of the total remains of these groups are connected, the coefficient of correlation (KORR) between them is calculated. If it negative or is close to zero, it testifies to possibility of sharp change of the remains at the biggest customers as their behavior temporarily does not correspond to the general tendencies. On the contrary, if value of correlation is close to unit, the condition of the remains at the biggest customers can be considered steady in relation to the general remains.

speculativeness — money is necessary for speculative reasons as constantly there is a nonzero probability of that possibility of favorable investment will unexpectedly be presented.

Dynamics of the movement of means and their current state is analyzed. And and at the others we will consider the remains at the biggest customers separately. Also we will find out, what dynamics of diversification. After that we will draw a conclusion on the tendency which developed at the moment, and also on its influence on client means.

The enterprise has relationship with the personnel performing production target that also involves calculations with employees of the enterprise, with bodies of social security by both other organizations and persons. All these calculations are perfromed in a monetary form.

Define a return point (T - the size of the rest of money on the settlement account to which it is necessary to return in case the actual balance on the settlement account oversteps the bounds of an interval (IT, About:

Threshold values can be defined on the basis of information on the average rest on one client and a mean square deviation (except the first group for which it is better to define in terms of money). Similar distribution is made and on force of fluctuations.

Expenses (Pkh) are determined by storage of means on the settlement account (usually accept them in the sum of a rate of the daily income on the short-term securities circulating on and expenses () on mutual transformation of money and securities (this size is supposed a constant; the analog of such type of expenses taking place in domestic practice are, for example, the commission charges paid in changes).

(DOS) we will measure diversification of the client remains as percent of the biggest customers providing some set share (we will tell, 95%) the remains of means. The this indicator is less, the diversification is weaker and the risk is therefore higher.

Correction of net profit on the expenses which are not demanding payment of money. For this purpose the corresponding expenses for the period need to be added to the sum of net profit. An example of such expenses is depreciation of material non-turnaround assets.