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Important problem of formation of structure of management of a complex is creation not only structures in general, but also its governing bodies: managements, functional structure, auxiliary structure.

Quality of service of consumers consists in personal approach to each consumer. It includes development of a certain program of reception of consumers: for one visitor, for a family, for a family with children. Each program includes a certain set of priorities for each client.

The industry of hospitality is the sphere of business consisting of such types of service which rely on the principles of hospitality, are characterized by friendliness in relation to guests (the dictionary Uebster.

The head of service of public catering makes ­, provides delivery of necessary initial products, distributes the service personnel on sites, quality ready services and service, observing thus a reasonable regime of economy.

The lowest level of the business communications between travel agencies directed on the joint solution of market problems (concealment of information, the unscrpulous competition, dumping, closeness, malevolence)

Maintaining personal records of all staff of hotel belongs to duties of department of the personnel. Usually the department has three divisions: set of workers, division of a salary and other remunerations, preparation and retraining.

As a result of decrease in coefficient of turnover of staff the coefficient of constancy of the personnel increased, and by the end of the reporting period made 0,9 that is estimated positively for hotel complex, but the coefficient of constancy of production workers decreased, and the coefficient of constancy of the service personnel considerably grew.

Gifts to regular customers one of the attracting elements. Actually the cost of gifts is included in service cost. The most various things belong to gifts: basket of fruit, flowers, free visit of the pool.

calculations show that such articles of expenses as material inputs, depreciation charges, other expenses had the greatest impact on increase in cost of services of a complex, and reduction of cost of services was promoted by decrease in expenses on compensation and assignments on social needs.

The analysis of expenses with the greatest completeness gives the chance to open efficiency of use of labor and material resources, to find out a tendency of change of this indicator, to define influence of factors on a prime cost gain.

This coefficient is important for effective functioning of the enterprise as it defines a condition of the working collective, both the service personnel, and production, occupied in kitchen. If this coefficient is too high it means that the personnel working at the enterprise is not satisfied with working conditions or level of compensation. The management of the enterprise does not want or has no opportunity to improve these conditions, continuous dismissals conduct to production braking as time for hiring of workers is spent, for their training and adaptation in collective and on a workplace, and it affects quality of service and quality of finished goods.

So far it was not made attempts of the analysis, forecasting and planning of activity. Weak competence of responsible persons is that responsible persons on places have no due level of competence, education and qualification.

The solution of this problem possibly in case the organizations of the State Customs Committee have a technique of activities for formation of the principles and methods of effective management, to creation of motivational programs for creation of organizational culture which promotes formation, maintenance and expansion of strong communications with consumers, creation of image of the organization and the tourist product offered it.

Level of organizational culture directly reflects the level of organizational development of collective (existence of team in the organization) defines the behavioural code as it contains the rules and standards of behavior based on the principles of universal morals, rituals and traditions of business behavior in various situations of interpersonal communication. Modern efforts of management demand reorientation of organizational culture to human identity, respect for the individual and organic connection of own interests with system of the collective relations, conditionality of their behavior a valuable scale of the organization divided by all her workers.