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- High reliability of structure since failure of one of modules will not be able to paralyze work of all production. The faulty module can be excluded for a while from production and or to start reserve, or (in the presence of a certain "buffer" stock of a semi-finished product on a warehouse to compensate operation of the absent module.

During the analysis of documentation and the analysis of technological effectiveness of a design, it became clear that it is impossible to realize the automated transportation of preparations because of that that the system of their marking is not provided. The system of an identification of a product on a shtrkhkoda is simplest and reliable. It be suitable for our production of printed-circuit boards, as well as possible, therefore, and we will take it as a basis.

Shortcoming, from my point of view, high centrality of such system is that at damage of control center of system will lead to a stop of all production. But considering a large amount of advantages and high reliability of the equipment (apart from its deliberate damage) such scheme is submitted to me the best choice.

The negative combined method for our production this method is more preferable than prevedushiya, but it possesses a big shortcoming – failure of contact platforms when drilling, and at our case all elements have either planar conclusions, or lateral and contact from solder with a contact platform has to be very good since the majority of elements for reduction in cost of production and simplification of automatic installation to a payment are not pasted, and hold only the account of the soldering. Therefore after all it is more favorable to us to apply the combined positive method.

- The machine for polishing of end faces of APPM 10006, in case of its absence it can be replaced with the SShO-1 machine for grinding of end faces, but it will reduce productivity of the line and a little quality of processing of preparations will go down.

- The machine are sharp hard-alloy disks on the basis of VK-1 metal ceramics Also for are sharp it is possible to use the Machine are sharp diamond disks, but considering its high cost, its application is proved only in exceptional cases.

In our case the product is calculated on mass production, and as a result, it possesses rather low price and good technical characteristics that has to draw attention of potential buyers.

Further it is necessary to perform operation of control of electric properties of connections of elements with a payment that at detection of discrepancy to norms, to send back a defective product for revision at rather early stage of production. in view of high seriality of production control will be exercised completely automatically.

All elements have solder connection of conclusions with contact platforms since it promotes installation process simplification (in comparison with welding), bigger universality of the applied equipment and reduction in cost of operation of installation.

- universality, t.a ability to readjustment of separate modules. Yes, the universasalnost takes place in our production since in the conditions of a present economic situation it is not necessary to count on steady consumer demand during the long period of time, therefore the equipment will be installed universal, or in case of absence suitable the least expensive (from the list satisfying quality prices on a ratio with replacement prospect in the future on the essentially new.

Electric installation of connections will be will be executed also automatically for all elements, except for induktivnost of L1-L4 which electric installation of conclusions, in view of difficulty of realization in the automatic mode, will be is made in the manual.

The choice of type and organizational mode of production needs to be made taking into account the program of release and working hours of the enterprise. Incorporating production type to us it is necessary to know coefficient of fixing of operations (Kz.o) which represents the relations of number of the operations executed in a month to number of workplaces. In this case we deal with mass production for which the coefficient of fixing of operations lies within Kz.o = 1 – 1 Mode of production we will choose – much subject preryvno-line.